Sea Eagle Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP’s)

Sea Eagle Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP’s)

Stand up for a great workout or sit down for comfort

There’s no better way to get a great workout on the water than a stand-up paddleboard. Work your arms, midsection and legs all at the same time to burn the maximum amount of calories in a short time.

But some days you just want to get out on the water – and the Sea Eagle Stand Up Paddleboards let you sit comfortably and paddle with a standard double ended kayak paddle.

 Bottom Reinforcement Patch and Directional Skegs

We’ve added a reinforcement patch on the bottom layer. Without adding too much weight, this patch stiffens the board to make stand-up paddling easier and more comfortable.  There are also two directional skegs and a larger removable center skeg to maintain straight tracking.

 Anti-Skid top layer

For better board control, we’ve added an anti-skid layer across the top of the board that allows you to sense the slightest motions of the board on the water. The rigid material also acts as a stiffener to strengthen the overall structure of the board.

Great for lakes, bays or oceans

If you’re new to paddling, the Sea Eagle Stand Up Paddleboard gives you the maximum amount of flexibility. Enjoy a no-pressure tour of a quiet lake, or tear up the surf like a pro – it’s your choice.

Ultra Strong Drop Stitch Construction

The Sea Eagle Longboard uses Drop Stitch construction, which allows a much higher air pressure than other inflatable technologies. Thousands of tiny threads connect the top and bottom layers of the board.

This means the board can hold 12 pounds of air pressure, more than double the working pressure of other technologies. When you’re out on the water, this means the Paddleboard will turn, cut and perform like a fiberglass board, even though it packs up in a bag.

Check out this video feature of the Sea Eagle LB11 Longboard SUP on Lake Tahoe:


There are three different style SUPs available from Sea Eagle.

The three types of paddleboards are: Longboards paddleboards, NeedleNose paddleboards, and Hybrid paddleboards.

The traditionally styled LB11 LongBoard is the beginning for many SUP enthusiasts.  Tremendous stability and flotation, the LongBoard will have you out enjoying your local water ways. At 6 inches thick, the Longboard has great bouyancy while remaining extremely rigid!

The patented design of the NeedleNose SUP offered by Sea Eagle is taking the SUP world by storm.  The sharp bow cuts through the waves easily and provides a greater experience on the water. Keeping it unique is it’s hull design. It has no front rocker! This keeps the NeedleNose cutting through the waves, streamlining it’s motions on the water!

Looking for a jack-of-all trades SUP? The Hybrid SUP from Sea Eagle can be used for touring or riding the surf! Even run it down the river if you so choose! The stability and versatility of this SUP come from it’s wider and shorter profile, keeping it nimble enough for riding the surf and stable enough to do yoga all day long!

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