Sea Eagle Pontoon Boats

There are several variations in inflatable pontoons, and Sea Eagle designs and offers two different fishing boats that use pontoons for flotation. The first boat is basically styled like the traditional pontoon boat. It has two large pontoons for extra stability, and a sturdy structure with multiple aluminum slats. The FoldCat is a versatile inflatable pontoon that you can use for fishing, with one or two friends onboard, as well.

Sea Eagle 375FC FoldCat
Sea Eagle 375FC Foldcat

If you’re going to spend a lot of time on the water, you need a boat that is designed and constructed with quality in mind. With some other inflatable pontoons, your feet actually rest in the water. This means that if you want to remain comfortable, you’ll probably want to wear waders. But who wants to wear waders to fish from a boat? That’s why the FoldCat allows you to remain on a platform that is above the water, so you don’t have to mess with waders.

The most important part of an inflatable boat is the construction and durability of the pontoons themselves. They should be made to last, and not cause you worry if you run into a partially submerged tree or stump. You can even use the claw end of a hammer on the pontoons of the FoldCat and not puncture them.

The second and newer design by Sea Eagle has a single pontoon in the shape of a “U”, to provide the stability and structure that’s essential for a single fisherman. It doesn’t have a frame, so the Sea Eagle 285 Frameless Pontoon Boat is in a class by itself when you’re looking for fishing boats for one occupant.

Sea Eagle 285FPB Frameless Pontoon Boat Pro Package Green
Sea Eagle 285FPB Frameless Pontoon Boat

Some rivers and lakes are simply not accessible for fly fisherman. Sea Eagle inflatable pontoon boats take you to the best fishing waters, so you won’t be standing elbow to elbow with other fishermen. You also won’t have to endure the tiring aspects of fly fishing, wading into waters that may be moving along at a brisk pace, and trying to stay in the same area.

When you use a Sea Eagle Inflatable Pontoon Boat, you can get into the best water without wearing waders, and fish areas that normally would be inaccessible. The 285 Frameless Pontoon Boat is very easy to carry down to and into the water, even if you’re by yourself. It’s quieter in the water, and easier to maneuver into the best fishing areas. With the sturdy construction, these inflatable boats will last many years, at a fraction of the price of metal boats.

When you fish, comfort is also an issue, since fly fishing while wading can get tiring after a time. The inflatable pontoon boats made by Sea Eagle will allow you to actually relax while you’re fishing, instead of fighting the current and getting tangled in other fishermens’ lines. You’ll never go back to wading after you have fished from an inflatable pontoon boat.


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