Sea Eagle Explorer Kayaks

Wilderness Touring, Open Water or Raging Whitewater? Yes.

Do you have the heart of an adventurer? If so, you can take the Explorer kayak on river trips that would make land-lovers cringe.

Explorer Kayaks Can:

  • Fearlessly rocket through Class IV rapids
  • Fly fish trout streams that are too remote for other fishermen
  • Traverse many miles of rivers in the wilderness, allowing you to spend days or weeks on primitive camping grounds
  • Easily be carried on small planes to locate obscure campsites or fishing grounds

Why are Sea Eagle Explorer Kayaks the #1 choice for adventures in the wilderness?

It’s simple: Flexibility on-the-fly. This means they can handle wet and even DRY conditions easily.

The Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak can handle dry OR wet conditions with its four easily convertible, extra large drains. These hardy inflatable kayaks can handle Class 4 Rapids with ease.

Lengthy, open water trips are simply a breeze.

With the drains OPEN, your craft will bail itself when you’re in rough whitewater.

With the drains CLOSED, you won’t have any water coming in, so you and all your cargo will remain dry in calmer waters. Even if it’s filled with water to the gunwales, the Explorer Kayak will STILL float.

Double-Floor Protection

The Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak has double floor protection, meaning it’s a s rugged as you are and tougher than nails. From stem to stern, its constructed from polyester-supported 1000 denier high pressure fabric and electronic-welded, quadruple-thickness seams.

Just how tough is the Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak? When torture tested, it was pounded repeatedly with the claw end of a claw hammer, and there was no effect.

Off-road land vehicles have underbody skid plate protection, and the Explorer has the same on water – with two separate floors that offer you double protection right where you most need it:

1. Outside, you have 1000 denier, super-tough fabric floor

2. Inside, a separate inner floor that is inflatable is lashed atop the outer floor.

“Bring It On” attitude

The Explorer Kayak has an extra-tough hide and dry-or-wet drain valves that are self-bailing. Those are only two of the many ways this kayak flaunts its attitude of “bring it on”. Integrated stern and bow skirts deflect water to help in keeping you dry. Rope lacing forms very secure hand-holds and easy points for tie-down.

You can pilot the Explorer Kayak solo, or take along another adventurer, and even lots of gear as well. You’ll have extreme stability from the beam, which is more than three feet in width. Inflatable seats absorb shock, and optional high-backed seats are held securely with nylon webbing that firmly clips to six D-rings that are integrated into the structure. This kayak comes complete, and it’s ready for whatever water you’ll be paddling on.

You can select from two different hull sizes and four different equipment packages. Each kayak comes with hull and seats, two paddles with double-ends, carry bag, inflation pump, full instructions (online and in print) and a repair kit.

Not sure yet? Check out these videos of the Explorer Kayak:

Explorer Kayak Models: