Sea Eagle 435PS PaddleSki

“The Most Uniquely Versatile, Affordable Boat on the Water”

The Sea Eagle PaddleSki Kayak/Catamaran is like having Four Boats in One!

If you want  fun times on water with many kinds of boating, the Sea Eagle PaddleSki is the boat for you. Its unique design of catamaran-kayak will allow for unprecedented performance on the water in various configurations.

Speed AND Stability!

With conventional kayaks you’ll have to select a stable, wider craft or a speedy, narrow, easily tipped craft. This isn’t true with the PaddleSki. The catamaran and kayak design features two inflatable tubes spaced widely, and they cut through water while still giving you a well balanced, solid vessel.


Our PaddleSki is tailor-made for paddling type trips as a last minute – or weeklong river trips, camping in the wild. Its catamaran design means the hull stays out of water for less drag and higher boat speed. Since either boat model can be packed in your car trunk, you’ll avoid spending a lot of dollars on a rack for your car or spending thousands of dollars on a good trailer. Plus, you don’t need to give up half of the garage for boat storage in the winter.


Utilizing either a gas or electric outboard motor, the PadddleSki kayak can attain surprising speed because of its sleek, kayak/catamaran design combination. With its Side Motor Mount, you can use up to a 55 pound electric motor thrust that will power your PaddleSki to those ideal fishing spots that nobody else can reach!



You can’t catch fish if you’re unable to get to the places where those fish live. With today’s over-crowded waterways, it’s not easy to do, if you’re using a heavier boat.

Using the PaddleSki Fishing Seat, you can easily use your PaddleSki like you’d use a regular fishing boat. The Paddleski has two Rod Holders built-in, and using the same Swivel Seat we use in our FoldCat series, you’ll be easily reeling in the biggest fish in simply no time.  Ask to upgrade the fishing rod holders to your favorite Scotty Rod holders for a small cost!

What Do our Customers Say?

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435PS Paddleski

An inflatable, unique catamaran kayak that provides stability and speed as well as the option to attach a sail or motor.