Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayaks

An Inflatable Kayak for Every Situation

Inflatable kayaks are showing up everywhere, and many manufacturers are just beginning to realize what Sea Eagle has known for years. Inflatable kayaks are the most versatile, compact, and portable kayaks available on the market. Here are some industry leaders, outlining a few of their features and differences.

Sport Kayak

Sea Eagle SE370 Sport Kayak Pro Package Inflatable Kayak
The Sea Eagle SE370 Sport Kayak


Sea Eagle SE330 Sport Kayak RiverThe Sea Eagle Sport Kayak is quickly leading the way as an all purpose kayak in the inflatable kayak race. Great for a summer paddle at the lake or a lazy float down your favourite river, the Sport Kayak series gets you on the water quickly and stores away neatly when you aren’t in the mood for fun. At a hull weight under 30lbs, the Sport Kayaks are an easy choice for those family camping trips and the packages fit nicely into any R.V. . Easy to inflate and even easier to use, these kayaks bring the fun back into summer vacation without making your budget break! The Sea Eagle Sport Kayaks are offered in two sizes and many different featured packages!

Explorer Kayak

Sea Eagle 380X Explorer Kayak Pro Package Inflatable Kayak
The Sea Eagle 380x Explorer Kayak


Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak WhitewaterStill waters and lazy river floats too tame for you? A little adventure can easily be found with the Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak series! Built tough enough to handle the rapids and nimble enough to manoeuvre around your local rapids, the Explorer Kayak is a front row pass the whitewater adventure. Solo, two, or even three person models are available with the size range to match and featured packages to round out your next outing in style. Add on the removable skeg and the yaw is reduced, making this a quick and dirty lake kayak. Dual purpose? Why not. And with a payload up to 850lbs, you could make room for the camp sink if needed! Strong yet lightweight, compact but extremely rigid due to the dropstitch floor design, the Explorer Kayak is suited to entry level kayakers and veteran whitewater enthusiasts.

FastTrack Kayak

Sea Eagle 385FT FastTrack Pro Package Inflatable Kayak
The Sea Eagle 385ft FastTrack Kayak


Sea Eagle FastTrack Kayak photographyIf rivers aren’t your thing, then perhaps the open ocean and deep coves are more appealing. The Sea Eagle FastTrack series is well suited to handle the large waves and steady ocean tide while searching out hidden coves and secret lagoons. The sleek bow helps break the waves while the inflatable keel keeps the inflatable kayak on track.  This well rounded kayak easily doubles as a yacht tender, comfortably ferrying passengers to shore and back.  Add on a couple of glue on Scotty rod holder mounts and you have a devastating tool in your arsenal against fish.  Stand up and sight cast in your favourite lake, or glide effortlessly down your local streams and rivers in search the perfect fishing hole in the FastTrack!

The PaddleSki

Sea Eagle 435PS PaddleSki Deluxe Package Inflatable Kayak
The Sea Eagle PaddleSki


PaddleSki FishingA hybrid kayak, the Sea Eagle Paddleski is a cross between a sit on top kayak and a pontoon boat.  Two large chamber pontoons are held together by a custom frame which also acts as the platform that everything is built on.  Whether it is a swivel seat with fishing rods, or an inflatable seat that’s strapped on for the ride, the versatility of this craft shines when you put your imagination to work.  As a sit on top type of kayak, crab cages can easily be strapped to the bow and dropped quickly in your favourite spot. Or fill the bow with all the gear you need while out hunting with it’s 660lbs capacity.  If leisure is your pleasure, then outfit the Paddleski with the sailing rig and head off where the breeze takes you.

The RazorLite Kayak

Sea Eagle 393RL RazorLite Pro Package Inflatable Kayak
The Sea Eagle RazorLite Kayak


Sea Eagle RazorLite Inflatable Kayak cross-section

Paving the way for more experienced kayakers, the Sea Eagle RazorLite kayak is an industry first. A kayak constructed completely with DropStitch Technology!  The whole unit is slim, sleek and fast, all due to the compact and tight design tolerances offered by the DropStitch construction. This kayak performs extremely well in the wide open lakes and bays, getting you out and about quickly and easily. Remote locations are no longer unattainable since the RazorLite lives up to it’s name. At just 28lbs, this durable kayak can easily be stuffed into a backpack and hiked into any remote lake you fancy!


There are many advantages to using inflatable kayaks. They are lighter in weight than composite or plastic boats, and they are much easier to carry to your launch point than conventional kayaks. Smaller inflatable kayaks can even be carried by one person. Whether you use them for sea kayaking or on camping trips or day tours, they are easy to take along, since they don’t require nearly as much storage space as traditional kayaks.

The proper inflatable kayak for you depends on how you will use it. If you need more stability or speed, a longer kayak is an excellent choice. If you’re more concerned about stability, a wider and shorter kayak will work effectively. Payload capacity can also be an issue, depending on how many people you normally have in each kayak.

Whether you want to go kayaking on a whim, or are planning your ultimate adventure getaway, we have the kayak for you! These inflatable kayaks are portable and durable and are able to handle any adventure you think of!

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