Sea Eagle Inflatable Fishing Boats

Inflatable Fishing Boats for every occasion

With a variety of fishing opportunities in the many lakes, rivers and oceans around us, Sea Eagle has produced a similarly varied line up of inflatable fishing boats to suit almost every need.   Whether you are fishing solo or are bringing all your friends along, Sea Eagle has packages for each.


Sea Eagle offers different options for the solo fisherman.  Streams and rivers, or lakes and bays? Fast water, flat water, or remote water.  These are some of the questions that need to be asked before you can truly settle on the right fishing package.  Take a look below at a few of the packages available with fishing as a primary function.

Sea Eagle Frameless Pontoon Boat

285FPB Stand Up Fishing Closeup

The Sea Eagle 285FPB is truly a unique design and is a functional pontoon boat that takes solo fishing to a truly comfortable level.  The spacious design allows all the gear you need to be stowed safely and securely making each trip out enjoyable. A more detailed write up on this boat can be found here: 285FPB Pontoon Boat

The Deluxe Package comes with the basics needed to get out and enjoy the water of your favourite fishing hole.  still provide room to stand up and sight cast for fish if you so choose.  Stand up and sight cast?  The u-shaped frameless design is so stable that you can safely and confidently stand up to fish, something all belly boats don’t allow.

The Pro Package comes with all possible accessories including a motormount to help move you along with a max 3hp or 55lb thrust motor.

Sea Eagle FastTrack Angler Series

Sea Eagle 385FTG FastTrack caught fish

The Sea Eagle 385FTG FastTrack Angler Series is a strong addition to Sea Eagle’s Fishing fleet.  Offered in Hunter Green, the 385FTG Angler Series comes standard with Scotty®  glue on mounts to accommodate Scotty’s® vast line of fishing accessories. This solo package has many options including a motormount for the FastTrack. Take a look at the package options available below or visit the FastTrack page.

The Deluxe Angler Package comes with 2 Scotty® BaitCaster rod holders and an inflatable Deluxe Fishing High Seat.

The Deluxe Motormount Angler Package includes a motormount designed for the FastTrack series.

The Pro Angler Package includes a Wise Swivel seat on a base with an additional 2 Scotty® Rod Holders!

The Motormount Angler Package ugrades the Pro Angler package with the complimenting motormount kit.

With Friends

Sea Eagle’s kayaks are built with a partner in mind.  Kayaks aren’t the only thing that Sea Eagle offers.  The Stealth Stalker 10 is tailor made for a partner as well as the patented FoldCat.  Check out the variety of options and features offered on the different levels of inflatable fishing boats made by Sea Eagle.

 Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker 10 Fishing Boat

Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker 10 Fish On

The Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker 10 is the latest addition to Sea Eagle’s inflatable fishing fleet.Comfortable fishing is at it’s core, and fishing with a partner has never been so easy in a Stealth Stalker 10.  Using elements of the 285 Frameless Pontoon Boat in its design, the Stealth Stalker is extremely stable and outfitted cleanly for efficient fishing.  The Stealth Stalker is available in two package options.

The Deluxe Package includes two inflatable Deluxe Fishing Seats and 4 Scotty mounts with 2 Scotty BaitCaster Rod Holders.

The Pro Package comes with 2 Wise Swivel Seats on 7″ pedestals, 4 Scotty BaitCaster Rod Holders, and a Motormount kit to accommodate a 4hp gas engine ( or 74lb thrust electric).

Sea Eagle FoldCat Pontoon Boat

Sea Eagle FoldCat stand up fishing

The Sea Eagle Foldcat Pontoon Boat is a patented folding pontoon boat that can easily be set up in a short 10 minutes allowing more time on the water with your fishing partner.  The combination of the aluminum cross boards and underbars create a rigid surface when the pontoons are inflated.  The full fabric floor not only holds any of your gear and battery for an electric motor, the floor also prevents any dropped gear from becoming an aquatic feature for the fish!  Since this is a fully geared up boat, there are only two packages that we offer. More details about the Sea Eagle FoldCat can be found here:  Sea Eagle FoldCat

The Deluxe Package comes with 2 Wise swivel seats , one 7″ pedestal, and two Scotty BaitCaster Rod Holders along with the usual Sea Eagle accessories.

The Pro Angler Package includes an additional set of Scotty Baitcaster Rod Holders and a Casting Bar to round out an exceptional package to enjoy fishing with a friend.

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