Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I choose a Sea Eagle inflatable boat?
    • Sea Eagle Inflatable Boats are made with high quality materials, come with a three year warranty and have unmatched support from customer service from Sea Eagle and West Coast Inflatable Boats. Still not convinced? Take a look at the customer testimonials and videos found all over youtube.
  • What is Duty and why am I being charged it?
    • Duty is a levy collected by the Canadian Border Services Agency for products made outside of North America which are brought into Canada.  The prices shown on our website include all duty and exchange fees.  Simply add the taxes for your Province (or State) and you have the total cost of the package prior to shipping.
  • Are your prices in Canadian or US Dollars?
    • All our prices are in Canadian Dollars.  Every month we evaluate the USD and CAD exchange rate and set a firm exchange for the balance of the month. Since the dollar can fluctuate, the price can go up or down from month to month.  Lock in the price you see by calling us or placing an order online here.
  • What does “Available on Back Order” mean?
    • Most of the Sea Eagle boat packages/accessories  are in stock and available to ship from the New York warehouse, therefore we consider them “available on back order”. Occasionally we have packages/accessories in stock in Abbotsford BC. If the package/accessory is available in Abbotsford we call it “available in stock”.  Either way, the packages/accessories are available to be ordered. If it comes from New York, the average ship time is 7-10 business days to our location in Abbotsford.
  • Do I need to register or license my inflatable boat?
    • Pleasure craft equipped with motors under 10hp/7.5kW don’t need to be registered or licensed. All pleasure craft equipped with motors over 10hp/7.5kW need to be either licensed or registered but not both. If the boat is for personal use only, it would only need to be licensed. Registering it is optional. However, all vessels used for commercial use must be registered with the Canadian Register of Vessels.

To be sure of the most current information on regulations and licensing, please follow the appropriate links below:

  • What is the Pleasure Craft Operator Card?
    • The Pleasure Craft Operator Card is a mandatory certification required to operate any powered boat.  Even sail boats with an auxiliary motor required the operator card.  For more information or to apply online for your operator card, click the box below to - Get The Card Now!

  • Where can I see a Sea Eagle inflatable boat in person?
    • We operate as an online business but we are glad to take your phone calls and to even make arrangements to meet with you to show the Sea Eagle products to you in person if we have it in inventory. To contact us head over to our Contact Page.
  • Can you ship the inflatable boats or are they only available for pick up?
    • Take your pick! We will gladly ship you our boat packages to the closest shipping office in your area. If you prefer to pick up the package, we can make arrangements to meet with you. To contact us head over to our Contact Page.
  • Will my inflatable boat pop if I hit a rock?
    • This is a question that everyone seems to dance around but never ask, so I did it for you. I will give you our standard answer: It depends! What kind of rock is it? Smooth river stones, barnacle covered ocean cliffs, etc.  How fast are you moving, is the boat overinflated, did you eat your wheaties in the morning? These are the same questions that also determine whether or not you puncture/crack your traditional wood and fiberglass boats and kayaks. The fabric used by Sea Eagle is very durable and withstands a tremendous amount of abuse. If at all avoidable, try not to run aground, or have impacts to foreign bodies such as lake dead fall. This is simply a good practice to help extend the life of any boat, regardless of the construction material. If a puncture should occur, every packages comes standard with a patch kit.  If patching seems too much for you, contact us and we will do our best to guide you through the process or make recommendations on a local repair facility.
  • What are the methods of payment?
    • We accept cash (exact change preferred), personal cheques, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Paypal, and Interac E-Transfer.
  • I’ve ordered my boat… How long until it arrives?
    • If we have it in stock, the boat package will only take the shipping time from our location in Abbotsford, B.C. to you plus a day or two for handling and the usual shipping hiccups.  If we don’t have it in stock, the package could take up to 10 additional days for it to arrive from the East Coast warehouse in New York.  Once it has arrived, it’s business as usual and the package can be shipped out right away to you.  If you want to check and see what we have in stock, shoot us an email.
  • I didn’t find the answer I was looking for, what now?
    • Simply fill out the contact submission form found here, Contact Us.

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