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DropStitch Technology – What is it?

Compact, inflatable, portable and patchable are not terms usually associated to a rigid floor, unless of course it is made with DropStitch technology.

What is DropStitch?

Thousands of tiny threads!

DropStitch products are made through a process of layering and stitching that allows the inflatable product to be inflated beyond normal inflation pressures, causing it to be much more rigid than a standard air filled chamber.  The secret is in the construction of the inflatable chamber. Breaking it down to the basics reveals just how simple it is, but also reveals why it is so effective as a rigid alternative.

DropStitch Cutaway
A cross-section of a DropStitch floor

The core of a dropstitch floor is thousands of threads joining opposing layers of fabric together, limiting how far the two sides can be apart.  This alone doesn’t hold air though.  A second layer of fabric is glued on top of the stitched layers, sealing it and again adding more strength to the structure.  The second layer hides the stitching from view, but as pressure in the inflated chamber increases, the limitation set by the threads becomes evident.


Where is it Used?

Explorer and FastTrack
The Explorer & FastTrack Kayak
Sea Eagle RazoLite Kayak
Complete DropStitch Construction

DropStitch technology is used in many different Sea Eagle products, from floors to complete kayaks! DropStitch floors can be found in the Explorer and FastTrack Kayaks, the floors on some models of the Sport Runabouts and every chamber of the RazorLite is made with DropStitch technology! You can even buy DropStitch Foot Rests for use in the Explorer Kayaks and some older models of the FastTrack.

Sea Eagle Needle Nose Sunset
Can you spot the difference?

The Longboard and NeedleNose Paddle boards are completely made with this same technology. The 6 inch thick boards are inflated up to 15psi, making them extremely rigid, often mistaken as their solid counterparts; that is until you roll them up and put them inside the trunk of your car!

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