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Camping with an Inflatable Kayak

Camping is always an adventure waiting around the next backroad corner.  What better way to take advantage of the whole experience than to take along a boat.  But what kind of boat best suits your camping trip?  Compact, versatile, affordable, these are some of the traits that come to mind when shopping for the perfect boat to accompany a camping trip.  What about inflatable?


Sea Eagle’s line of inflatable kayaks are some of the most affordable, versatile, and compact inflatable kayaks on the market.  The product offering from Sea Eagle includes the FastTrack kayak.  Available in two sizes (2 person or 3 person) the Sea Eagle FastTrack is leading the way in dual purpose kayaking.  Not only can it dominate still water lakes, the FastTrack can be confidently used to venture into ocean bays and inlets.


What makes this a suitable camping companion? The FastTrack can fold up into a very compact carry bag (included in most packages) and all the pieces can breakdown into packable sizes.  The hull weight of the Sea Eagle FastTrack starts at 16kg and can be folded into a compact 31” x 19” x 8” size. This could easily be stuffed into a backpack for hike in lakes and river systems.  What better way to enjoy the most that nature has to offer than to go into the depths of the wilderness and explore it for yourself.


What about starting off your camping trip from the water?  The FastTrack is well suited to haul all your gear to any beachfront campsite you can paddle to with it’s staggering max capacity of 630lbs.    More than enough capacity for a long single person trek, or room for two to explore small island chains and secluded lake coves.


Whichever way you start your camping trip, the Sea Eagle FastTrack is a good fit for campers of all types. The versatility of the design lends to more than use for the kayak, and the compact size allows it to be transported anywhere you set your eyes on.  Finally the affordable price offered by Sea Eagle makes their inflatable kayaks an easy choice for tighter budgets.

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Kayak Angling – Fishing from an Inflatable Kayak

Kayak angling is a relatively new way for fisherman to enjoy their favorite lakes, rivers and even ocean, and inflatable kayaks are among the preferred fishing kayaks used for this new genre of fishing. This sport is especially popular in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada primarily due to the abundance of amazing lakes, rivers and tributaries. Since kayak angling is new experience for many people, it can have a rather steep learning curve. Learning how to cast from a smaller,more responsive craft may require some trial and error.  The key is simply remembering that the platform you are casting from is a nimble, maneuverable, inflatable kayak. To be clear, you wont be able to sink your kayak due to your exuberant casting, but you may fall overboard if you are in the habit of using your whole body to cast.  Developing a cast that uses your core muscles to stabilize the kayak while still successfully hitting your mark and distance can produce some amazing catches and heighten the exhilerating feeling of battling with the target fish.  There are many types of fish that inhabit the Northwest waters, but they can be a bit of a challenge for novice kayak anglers to catch.

Guides can help fishermen learn to use kayaks to cast for their favorite fish species, and also give them the knowledge they need to be able to catch fish on their own. The learning curve can be shortened if you have a qualified trainer showing you the best way to fish from inflatable kayaks. Some of the favorite fish caught include salmon, trout and bass. Avid fishermen who want to spend more time on the water sometimes fish for a week or so at a time, and that’s when it’s handiest to have an inflatable Sea Eagle kayak. It can be easily packed up and taken along with you.

Veteran fishermen can help you with the best ways to catch fish in the Pacific Northwest. There are helpful insights and tips that will make your time on the water more rewarding. Anglers who are also wonderful grillers will make tasty meals from the catch of the day. You may also opt to go on guided trips for kayaking anglers, as these are wonderful and memorable trips.

Most people who fish love gadgets and tools, and fishing offers you many ways to use your gear to its best advantage. Whether you fish in saltwater or freshwater, there are many species from which to choose in the Pacific Northwest, and you’ll want tough and responsive rods to take with you.

The reels used by anglers who fish from kayaks vary, depending on their target species of fish. Lightweight rods are very popular, in keeping with the overall lightweight plan that includes an inflatable kayak. Graphite rods are very popular, and kayaks will give you a secure platform from which to cast a line. It’s not the same feeling as you would get in a fishing boat or a rowboat, though, so you do have to get used to the “feel” of fishing from an inflatable kayak. Once you’re accustomed to these boats, you may never go back to any other type.

Many anglers take along a GPS device when they fish, so that they know precisely where they are if they need to. It’s very relaxing using a kayak as your fishing boat, and your GPS will help keep you from getting turned around in salt marshes or other areas with which you are not familiar. In addition, if you have a favorite spot where you always catch the biggest fish, you can program your GPS and follow it right to your honey hole.

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