Sea Eagle RazorLite Kayaks

The RazorLite is a Total Drop Stitch Kayak!

Sea Eagle 393RL RazorLite top and bottom viewAn entire Drop Stitch construction allows Sea Eagle to produce a lighter, narrower and faster inflatable kayak, thrusting the Sea Eagle RazorLite into the world or performance solo kayaking!  The floor of the RazorLite is made with 3″ thick DropStitch material and the sides are constructed with 4″ thick Drop Stitch material.  What is Drop Stitch you ask?  It is simply thousands of high tensile strength threads that connect the top and bottom layers of fabric, acting like I-beam supports and allowing higher pressures than normal (10psi).

Rigid Bow and Stern Molds

Sea Eagle 393RL RazorLite bow and sternA unique feature for an inflatable kayak, the Sea Eagle RazorLite uses rigid bow and stern molds designed with double concaves.  This double concave allows air pockets to travel below the kayak on entry and, along with the removable skeg, provide a clean exit.  This maintains a fastentry and exit for the water, making speed and true tracking effortless.


Sea Eagle 393RL RazorLite side view
Straight and True, the RazorLite effortlessly moves through the water!


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