Sea Eagle 285FPB Frameless Pontoon Boat

42 lb Fishing Machine Sets Up in Just 4 Minutes

The new Sea Eagle 285FPB offers fishermen a lightweight, rugged, very portable weapon from which to catch fish nearly anywhere. This super-portable boat weighs only 42 lbs., packs into a small storage bag and can be used for rowing forward or backwards.

The motormount on the Sea Eagle 285FPB accepts electric motors or sizes up to 3hp of gas engines for easy boating. The comfortable swivel seat allows you to sit higher still, and turn a full 360 degrees. A wooden floorboard gives fishermen a platform where they can stand up and cast.

You can use the 285FPB on any size lake, remote ponds, saltwater flats, inland bays or wilderness rivers.

This fishing boat is designed for one person, and is practical in nearly any type of fishing. And best of all, there are no unwieldy parts to assemble, so this 9′ boat will pack away in your car trunk. It sets up easily in about four minutes.

The Sea Eagle hull material is reinforced and can take a pounding from a claw hammer, so you won’t need to worry about bumping into a dock here and there.

Inflatable pontoon boats give portability and excellent performance, especially for anglers who enjoy fishing remote areas, and those who would prefer not to deal with the maintenance of a conventional fishing boat. On lakes where you can hand launch a boat, you’ll be happy to have a boat that is as lightweight and durable as the Sea Eagle  285FPB. It’s also handier than larger boats when you are fishing on smaller lakes or ponds, where trying to launch a regular fishing boat would just be a waste of time.

The 285FPB does what we at Sea Eagle are most famous for – it’s easily carried and a snap to set up, and you can stow it almost anywhere when you’re heading out for a weekend on a lake, pond or river. Unlike most other brands of inflatable boats, this one is specifically designed for fishermen. The rod holders and other features are sure to please anyone who enjoys a good day of fishing.

The Sea Eagle 285FPB has a design that is stable and sound, with the ability to hold 450 pounds when it’s inflated. In addition to the sturdy pontoons, the flooring is also tougher than you will find in many other inflatable boats. This gives you a true sense of safety when you’re on the water.

The Sea Eagle 285FPB is very easy to set up and launch, in case you see a place that looks like a promising spot for fishing. And you don’t have to worry about punctures, since it is so stringently tested. Your days on the lake, pond or river will be more relaxing when you cast off in an inflatable pontoon from Sea Eagle.

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