Sea Eagle Motormount Boats

“Ideal for Weekend Boaters and Fishermen”

Large Weight Capacity

Scores of fishermen are pleased to use our Motormount Boats as their perfect setup for fishing – the reliable, simple, no nonsense, almost MAINTENANCE FREE method to get on the water, and for less than $700.

  • They work great with either small electric or gas motors
  • They’re easily rowed and:
  • Light in weight
  • Affordable
  • Provide a stable platform for fishing

Sea Eagle Motormount boats will take you as well as all your gear wherever you are headed. You can utilize these versatile boats for river running, skin diving, fishing, pleasure cruising, camping or yacht tending. They are still portable and lightweight enough that you can carry them to nearby ponds and lakes. If you love to run the rivers, a Sea Eagle Motormount Boat gives you a river raft with plenty of room that will stand up to even class three whitewater. Despite its larger size, a Sea Eagle Motormount Boat is very easily rowed, especially if you have two people rowing.

Motormount Speeding Along
Motormount Speeding Along

Motormount boats that have no floorboards still make a large tender which you can store below deck if you like. With a motormount, floorboards and a small sized engine, the Sea Eagle Motormount Boat can motor along briskly, even when it’s loaded with a few passengers and lots of your gear.

The best thing of all is that the Sea Eagle Motormount Boat can motor for the whole day on only a gallon or less of gas. A smaller electric motor can also maneuver this lightweight boat along very well, which allows youto get on lakes that do not allow gas engines. Whichever way you use the Sea Eagle Motormount Boat, you’ll find that the Sea Eagle will make a great all-purpose boat that gives you many contented years of boating pleasure with minimal care and upkeep necessary.

You don’t have to take our word on it – what do our customers think?

I can highly recommend Sea Eagle Boats

On The Missouri River: “Our Sea Eagle 9 has just been incredible. By the end of the trip we will have done 750 miles in this boat. We will take nothing else on river trips again.”

Brad Beaver & Kathy Blasic

You’ve got such a well made product that it is still functional nearly 20 years later.”

Peter De Puy,
Boston, MA

We are more than happy with our Sea Eagle 8 in every way.

“We purchased a Model SE-8 Sea Eagle Boat to use as a tender for our 30 Ft. motor boat. We used the Sea Eagle in Narragansett Bay and at Martha’s Vineyard and Cuttyhunk to go from our anchorage to the shore. We are more than happy with our SE 8 Model Sea Eagle in every way.”

“We deflate it at the end of our cruise and inflate it the next time we need it. We are amazed at how easy it is to inflate and set the floor boards and outboard mount in place. We have used it with our three horse power outboard motor and have also rowed it a few times…”

“It is a joy to use. We store it in a large canvas sea bag and it fits under our dinette in the cabin with ease. For anyone wanting a great, easy to use, safe and reasonably priced inflatable, I would highly recommend the Sea Eagle 8.”

Capt. Chet Hathaway
M/V Nor-Easter
Martha’s Vineyard, MA

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