Sea Eagle Sport Kayaks

“The ULTIMATE Boat for Weekends!”

At just 26 lbs, you can take it almost anywhere!

Imagine yourself and a friend rushing through white water, spray flying all around you and your heart pounding as fast as the beat of a drum. Or if you’d rather, imagine yourself slicing a silent dawn on a quiet lake, with smooth and easy strokes of the paddle.

Can you find one boat that gives you a chance to enjoy both of these worlds? Yes! The Sea Eagle Sport Kayak.

This kayak will hold up to 500 pounds, even though it weighs only 26 pounds. It can carry two people along with all their gear, but you only need one person to carry this lightweight craft to whatever lake or river you’re headed for.Sea Eagle SE330 Sport Kayak River

You can fit a Sport Kayak into a storage bag, and still have room for several days worth of camping supplies. You can use an inflatable kayak for skin diving, yacht tending or fishing, too. If you’re one who’d rather ride some whitewater, this kayak is suitable for up to class 3 rapids. The Sport Kayak is one of the easiest boats you’ll ever use. It’s also very versatile, and will give you plenty of enjoyment on the water.

The Sport Kayak features a hull made of Polykrylar in an extra strong thickness of 33 mil. The I-beam construction gives you the extra rigidity you need for all your sports on the water. It also features inflatable spray skirts, inflatable and removable front and rear seats, rope handles in the front and back, and a drain valve made with a revolutionary self-draining feature. The drain valve will come in very handy when you are in ocean surf or on a whitewater river.

Two skegs for Speed and Tracking

Sport Kayak SkegsTracking straight in the direction you want is an important feature for a kayak. It needs a skeg to track easily across water – otherwise you’re wasting your time paddling.

Some less expensive competitors of the Sea Eagle Sport Kayak don’t have a skeg, and their models wander and weave across water, which wastes all the effort you expend when paddling. Sport Kayaks have two moulded skegs, similar to those on a surfboard. That’s why you can go farther and faster with less energy spent paddling.


High Frequency Welded SeamsWelded Seams

Sea Eagle Sport Kayaks are seam welded uses  10,000 volts, which fuses the materials into a single solid structure. This feature allows Sea Eagle to offer you with confidence a three year warranty on the Sport Kayaks.

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