Sea Eagle FastTrack Kayaks

Why Our FastTrack Kayak Is So Easy to Paddle

Sea Eagle FastTrack 385FT side profile

The Secret is in the Shape

The Outside Keel is drop-stitched at the bow, allowing the FastTrack kayak to ride well over waves. It has added buoyancy, and the inflatable kayak’s natural yaw is constrained by this feature. The Removable Rear Skeg will keep your kayak headed on its intended course. It can also be easily removed if you want to use the boat on whitewater.
The floor is made with super rigid drop stitch construction, which gives the kayak more rigidity over the length and width of the boat. This construction also works to create side chines beneath your pontoons, which enhances paddling performance overall.

Our Lighter, Faster, Sleeker, More Rigid Inflatable Kayaks

Sea Eagle FastTrack Inflatable kayaks are made to explore larger lakes, long wandering rivers, secluded islands and hidden salt marshes. Take yours wherever you want to navigate, whether it’s in hidden coves or inland bays. The new design’s secret is twofold – the bow has an Outside Drop Stitch Keel and the stern features a large skeg. These features together help to limit any movement of the kayak that heads sideways when you use a double-ended paddle. This is also known as “yaw”. This gives the kayak unprecedented “bite” in any water.

Whenever you paddle on one side of the kayak, the drop stitch keel blocks the boat’s natural yaw and the skeg will keep you going forward. This extra “bite” gives you more efficient forward momentum, since it contains the kayak’s natural yaw. This results in a much straighter course and greater speed, as well as the easiest movement in a straighter line.


Drop-Stitch-IllustrationOne of the greatest assets is our high pressure drop stitch floor. It gives rigidity to our entire kayak structure, making it respond well to any paddle strokes. This drop stitch floor allows this kayak to be so rigid that you can easily use it like a Standup Paddle Board. The Sea Eagle 385ft and 465ft kayaks is made to be easily paddled for miles and multiple hours with not a lot of effort. The kayak heads straight in any direction you might want and will hold your course regardless of the angle at which you’re paddling, as related to prevailing winds. The newest design is a true breakthrough in inflatable kayak evolution.

FastTrack Kayak Models: